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IMAGE                "Triple Net Leases-Can Vibrant Neighbourhoods Survive Them?"

GALLERY             January 31, 2019

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Triple Net Leases-Can Vibrant Neighbourh
Q + A
Q + A
Engaged Audience + Speakers
Small Businesses Looking for Answers for Triple Net Leases + High Speculative Taxes
Q + A
Q + A



Gloria Venczel,


Moderator/Urban Designer,

Built City Speaker Series 

David Nishi-Beckingham

David Nishi-Beckingham,

BC Director, AEC Property Tax


Marianne Amodio,

Architect AIBC,

Principal, MA + HG Architects


Karen + Jane Tennant,

Sisters + Co-owners of Chocolate Mousse, Robson St.,



Michelle Barile, 

Broadway BIA Executive Director


Thought Leader,

Built City Speaker Series 


Gloria Venczel is an an award winning  architectural, pedestrian oriented urban designer and registered planner. She has over 20 years of public, NGO and private sector experience in city building.She was the Founding Executive Director of the Smart Growth Canada Network,  past Urban Designer at the City of North Vancouver + past Instructor at the Royal Oak College, Vancouver  She is principal of Cityscape Design Inc., providing Cities Executive Coaching + consulting.    

David Nishi-Beckingham is the Director of AEC Property Tax’s BC Operations and has over 25 years of experience dealing with assessment and property tax matters. David spent the earlier part of his career working for BC Assessment Authority, where he spent 17 years learning the ins and outs of assessment on the municipalities’ side. With this breadth of experience, he is able to look at a property from both the owner’s and assessor’s perspectives. Moreover, he has the added advantage of then being able to communicate to the assessor in a common “language”.David is a graduate of the University of British Columbia’s Commerce and Real Property Assessment programs.

Marianne Amodio’s MA+HG Architects firm is motivated to help Vancouverites live better! A graduate of the University of Manitoba, the team at MA+HG Architects strives for bold, artful spaces that combine whimsy and function while housing multiple residents, couples, and families under one roof. This focus on beautiful, multibrood buildings earned the studio the Architectural Institute of British Columbia’s emerging-firm award in 2016, carving a place for affordability and sociability-centred architecture in Vancouver.

Karen and Jane Tennant are sisters a co-founders of The Chocolate Mousse Kitchenware store which opened in the West End of Vancouver in 1985; a successful business with a loyal following of local and international customers. The property tax has increased 400% in the last two years. Karen and Jane are obligated under Vancouver’s Triple Net Lease to pay this tax on behalf of the building’s owner and will be forced to close and lose their store and livelihood as a result.

Michelle Barile is the Executive Director of the West Broadway Business Improvement Association, representing over 300 businesses and 100 commercial properties on West Broadway in Kitsilano.  Her role includes graphic design, marketing and events, street beautification, strategic planning and advocacy to support small businesses.  Michelle has 11 years of BIA experience, implementing award-winning initiatives that engage the community and enhance business areas.

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