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IMAGE                "What Have You Done For Me LatelyA Missing Middle Housing Panel"

GALLERY             October 11, 2018

Poster Invite

Event Pics + Social Media Posts

Oct 11-18 - Poster- RAIC + MOV Series -W
Engaged Audience, RAIC Built City Speakers Series
Dr Paul Kershaw, Prof, UBC School of Population + Public Health
Dialogue Between Audience + Housing Change Makers
RAIC + MOV Thought Leader-GV -What Have
Pete Fry, Advocate
Great Dialogue + Humour
Minister Selina Robinson, Muncipal Affairs + Housing



Gloria Venczel,


Moderator/Urban Designer,

Built City Speaker Series 

Andy Yan

Andy Yan,

Director, SFU City Program 

Paul Kershaw

Dr. Paul Kershaw,

Professor, UBC School of Population + Public Health

Founder, Generation Squeeze

Lance Jakubec

Lance Jakubec,

Affordable Housing Specialist,


Selina Robinson

Hon. Selina Robinson,

Minister of Municipal Affairs +

Housing, BC


Thought Leader,

Built City Speaker Series 


Gloria Venczel is an an award winning  architectural, pedestrian oriented urban designer and registered planner. She has over 20 years of public, NGO and private sector experience in city building.She was the Founding Executive Director of the Smart Growth Canada Network,  past Urban Designer at the City of North Vancouver + past Instructor at the Royal Oak College, Vancouver  She is principal of Cityscape Design Inc., providing Cities Executive Coaching + consulting.    

Dr. Paul Kershaw is a tenured professor at the University of BC, public speaker, regular media contributor and Founder of Generation Squeeze – a voice for younger Canadians in politics and the market supported by cutting-edge research. Paul is one of Canada’s leading thinkers about generational equity. He received the award for Academic of the Year in 2016 from the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of BC. The Canadian Political Science Association has honoured Kershaw twice with national prizes for his research. He and his Gen Squeeze colleagues received the award for BC’s Affordable Housing Champion in 2017 from the provincial Housing Central coalition.

Honourable Selina Robinson   is currently the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. 

During her first year as Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Selina has worked hard to help British Columbians impacted by the housing crisis through the Government of British Columbia’s 30-Point Housing Plan, Homes for B.C., which includes an historic $7 billion commitment to affordable housing over the next 10 years.Through the housing plan, Minister Robinson has launched new housing funds for low and middle income British Columbians, Indigenous peoples, seniors and families, and women and children fleeing violence.

Andy Yan is the director of The City Program at Simon Fraser University (SFU). Established in 1992, the City Program is a continuing studies program for mid-career professionals, students, and the general public who are seeking additional advanced education and certifications in fields of urban design, transportation, community data science, and urban development. Yan’s current projects include the analysis and visualizations of the residential real estate market of Metropolitan Vancouver and its relationships to globalization, housing affordability, the changing demographics, socioeconomic composition, and the regional economic development growth patterns of Metro Vancouver, and the role of transportation in shaping the region. 

Lance Jakubec, Affordable Housing Specialist - CMHC. Jakubec has been with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) since 1999, promoting technical, financial and policy solutions to enhance the sustainability, accessibility, and affordability of housing. He works directly with developers, builders, lenders, municipalities and non-profit housing providers on financing and funding opportunities.  As part of an initial program within the National Housing Strategy, Jakubec was responsible for CMHC’s Innovation Fund in BC, Yukon, NWT and Nunavut. This fund invests in projects testing new building techniques and financial models that lower the costs of creating affordable housing. 

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